What's new and improved in DME portal version 2

Please take a look at the list below to find out about some of the features that are being added with this update

Portal access

Requesting lost password by user – any user can retrieve lost password from the system.

Invoices list

All invoices have an approximate value in USD, additionally to original contract currency.

Invoices’ payments are visible in the list, it is easy to see if invoice wasn’t paid yet, partially paid or paid in full.

Links for the invoices are not role-based anymore, and can be sent and received by email between different roles

Invoices approval

It is possible now to leave the comments and attachments to the whole invoice instead of particular expense.

3rd party supplier name can be added now to any expense to make reporting by supplier

Splitting expense into two for partial approve – any expense in dispute that cannot be approved nor declined in full can be split now in two parts. Those parts become separate expenses and could be approved/declined independently. The parent expense become read-only and will stay in invoice as the reference.

Expense decline reasons – portal has a list of pre-defined expense decline reasons, those can be selected by DME controller.

Budget version – it is visible now which budget version (original, LE, LE2, etc.) is used for invoice processing. All previous budgets are also kept in system and could be used for the reporting purposes.

Payments tracking All payments could be attached now to the invoice with the amount, payment date and optional note. An invoice can have any number of payments.

Multiple area managers - each country can have multiple area managers responsible for the invoice processing/approving. They all can review invoices, make notes and confirmations. Area managers can only see invoices for the countries they responsible for.

Additional approvers could be assigned now for the invoice by DME controller

DME guidance lists – they can be different now for different distributors.

CFO can now see if there were any additional comments or files from distributor after invoices was submitted by DME controller. Those expenses are highlighted now.

Notifications digest – portal notification can now be received in the digest form, once a day instead of multiple emails through the day

EDI and invoice input

There is an EDI interface now to enable automatic invoice upload into the system. Invoice could be offloaded from your ERP system and uploaded into the portal in two clicks.